No Produce Is Safe

Cast: Pa, Joseph, Fruit Fucker Prime

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Pa is turning around as Joseph's silhouette is running up to him.}
Joseph: Pa! Pa!

Panel 2

{Pa holds Joseph.}
Joseph: He's back! I'm scared, Pa!

Panel 3

{Pa walks off and turns into a silhouette. Joseph looks at him.}
Pa: Joseph, you go on. Get your sister. Then you run. You run 'til you get to Henderson Farm.
Joseph: But Pa!
Pa: I said go, boy!

Panel 4

{Fruit Fucker Prime is lording over his minions, the Fruit Fuckers, as they fly around and swarm the farm. Pa looks at Prime.}
Pa: Sweet Fancy Moses... Fruit Fucker Prime!

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March 31, 2004
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April 5, 2004

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