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April 27, 2009

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Further Education

Cast: Mr. Period, Backslash

Transcript Edit

Mr. Period: Hey, kids! Today, we're going to talk about being a good forum citizen! When choosing a username, try not to pick one that will automatically invalidate everything you say! Here's an example: This well known protagonist from a platform-exclusive title!
Mr. Period: A period is a great way to end a sentence! Not a Backslash! Don't ever use him! He is a psychopath.
Mr. Period: When lying about how impartial you are, try not to immediately follow your lie with a volley of baseless aggression! Instead of an inflammatory sig, why not something life-affirming? How about "Hang In There," or "Reach For The Stars?"
Mr. Period: Oh, Backslash! It's you! What have you been up to?
Backslash: I have made myself a vessel for darkness. And blood. So much blood.
Mr. Period: That's cool! I've been trying to get to the gym, more.

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