Welcome To Matrimony Theatre

Cast: Brenna, Tycho, Man

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Brenna and Tycho are walking through the park. Tycho is wearing leather gloves and a helmet.}
Brenna: {embarassed} This is really embarassing.
Tycho: You wanted me out, and I'm out, God dammit. It's not my fault your world orbits a ball of fire.

Panel 2

{They arrive at an ice cream stand. Tycho has grabbed the employee and has placed his other hand on the counter aggressively.}
Tycho: Your star burns! I require frozen treats.
Brenna: Jesus.

Panel 3

{Away from the stand. Tycho and Brenna have ice creams. Tycho has lifted his helmet to lick the ice cream.}
Tycho: I need help.
Brenna: Yes. I think that's true.

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