I'll Turn This Car Around

Cast: Gabe, Monkey

Transcript Edit

{A gigantic monkey has his hand open, which Gabe is standing on. Gabe is pointing at the monkey, who seems scared.}
Gabe: Now listen up, Monkey: I'm taking you over to Tycho's server. When we're there, I want you on your best behavior - that means no eating, no playing, no anything with poop. I don't want you juggling livestock. You can't play any games with villagers that end with them drowned in the ocean. You need to use a coaster. Do you hear me? So help me God, Monkey... If you embarrass me over there, I'll knock you into next Wednesday. Or Thursday. Shit. Let me get my Day-Planner.

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April 6, 2001
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April 11, 2001

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