From Another Dimension!

Cast: Tycho, Azathoth

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho is stood in robes with the book of summons. Azathoth has risen from a portal in the ground.}
Azathoth: Who dares summon Azathoth, sovereign of the bottomless pit? What nation must I lay to waste?
Tycho: Demon! You must revive my corrupt save games in Ultima IX!

Panel 2

Tycho: Well?
Azathoth: Oooh... No can do, buddy. There's unholy, and then there's unholy!

Panel 3

{Azathoth returns to his portal.}
Tycho: Some chief of the demon locusts you've turned out to be.
Azathoth: Gotta run! I'm missing Friends!

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November 29, 1999
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