The Next Step

Cast: Sony CEO, Scientist, Virus Guy

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A CEO of Sony's gaming division and a scientist are walking through a laboratory filled with all sorts of tubes and buttons, talking amongst each other.}
Scientist: I think you'll be very impressed with the viral campaign we're developing.
CEO: What exactly is it?
Scientist: It's a virus.

Panel 2

{They come up to a tube containing a miserable human being, suspended in an orange liquid. The CEO stares at this in some amount of shock as the scientist elaborates.}
Scientist: Our contagious custom organism is guaranteed to infect the entire target demo.
CEO: And the symptoms?

Panel 3

{The CEO turns his head toward the scientist, curious. As the scientist speaks, he frowns and the tube hominid frowns even more so, his eye twitching.}
Scientist: We're hoping it will make them want a PSP.
CEO: Oh? What does it do now?
Scientist: Right now? It makes them shit out their lungs.

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