Awards Ceremony, Aftermath

Cast: Sonic the Hedgehog

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Milk carton with "missing: have you seen this game?" written on the side on the trophy surface.}
Award: Best Game Since "Prey".
Game: Duke Nukem Forever

Panel 2

{Sonic the Hedgehog has been crossed out. Sonic is above the trophy surface.}
Award: Best Sonic Game Where You Do Not Play As Sonic.
Game: Sonic Adventure 2

Panel 3

{A pair of scissors is above the trophy surface.}
Award: Best Reason To Cut Off All Ties With Japan.
Game: Metal Gear Solid 2

Panel 4

{Toilet is on the trophy surface.}
Award: Best, Uh... Who The Fuck Are We Kidding, This Game Is Absolute Shit.
Game: Halo

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