Disciples of Divx is a Penny Arcade guild found in World of Warcraft.

Hierarchy Edit

  • Drunker Mistress: Twylan.
  • Bartenders: Berenhard, Huntersloot, Amik, Disgraph, Rootette, Chaana
  • Bouncers: Discrete, Psyte
  • Lovable Loser: Isard
  • Edited by Chilly, May 30th, 2008

Description Edit

The Disciples of Divx are a laid back, social guild. They are an integral member of the Penny Arcade Alliance, and their members can be found being drunk and dangerous in almost every raid out there. They slay the Horde, they down Nefarious, they get drunk and streak Ironforge. If new users want to participate, they are there. The owners have no minimum level requirements for entrance, but do require you to be a Penny Arcade fan and know who Div is.

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