Exuberance is a Penny Arcade guild located in World of Warcraft.

Hierarchy Edit

  • Guild Leader: Telaril.
  • Officers: Zhuangzi, Tristis, Rishya.
  • Ominous: Garntoggle, Myradin, Shadowbow, Wackamole, Isolate, Piccoto.

Description Edit

Exuberance is a jovial accumulation of misfits and scholars. Disorganized but consistently helpful, they do a lot of mid level instances and occasional pickup world PvP raids. They offer complete sentences in friendly green text, and they strongly encourage use of the words "you" and "are" rather than the letters u and r. Their decorum level is slightly higher than average, as is their improbability quotient. Fun, camaraderie, wit, and vocabulary all in one convenient package. Insubstantial!

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