Ripped From Today's Headlines, Pt. 3

Cast: Bob Greasy, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Bob and Tycho are silhouettes sat at the table. Bob has his hand raised, pointing upwards.}
Bob: Now, this is the most important part. Deciding who to sue.
Tycho: We should sue Ubisoft, right? They made the game.
Bob: We need to think bigger. Ubisoft is in what country?

Panel 2

{Zoom in. Bob has put his hand on Tycho's shoulder.}
Tycho: France.
Bob: Exactly.
Tycho: Exactly what? You're saying we should sue France?

Panel 3

{Zoom out, making Bob and Tycho silhouettes. Tycho has firmly clenched and raised his fist in anger.}
Bob: Well, yes! For harboring those deviants! Those murder artists who toiled over a canvas of ruin! Her death was the exclamation point on their long paragraph of depravity!
Tycho: The seeds of her doom were planted in fertile French soil!

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