The Next Level

Cast: Dealer

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Dealer is hiding behind the wall, leaning around the corner.}
Dealer: Psst... Kid. Hey, kid. C'mere.

Panel 2

{Dealer comes out from behind the brick wall and stands. He is pointing towards the audience.}
Dealer: You like to role-play, man? I got that shit. I got Rubi-Ka, I got Camelot, all that shit. But I can see you special. So I gots a special offer.

Panel 3

{Dealer opens his coat and reveals Everquest: Legends, showing it to the audience.}
Dealer: Oh, you an Everquest man. That's coo, that's coo... Well, I got this premium. This Legends shit? It's what I do, man. I know you gonna dig it. Now, it costs a little more, but why you wanna fly coach when you can fly first class?

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February 4, 2002
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February 8, 2002

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