Oh My Dear Sweet Lord

Cast: Gabe, Charles, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is at the counter, which Charles is stood behind. Gabe has turned around in horror, looking at Tycho, who is stood facing away from the audience in the foreground.}

Panel 2

{Zoom in to Gabe, Charles and Tycho. Gabe is looking around. Tycho is at the counter.}
Tycho: What are you doing here?
Charles: I work here.
Tycho: I'm not fucking talking to you.
Gabe: {lying} This... isn't... Cinnabon.

Panel 3

{Gabe leaves. Charles points upwards. Tycho puts his elbow on the counter.}
Charles: Intel Laptop?
Tycho: With cinema display.

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