While You're Ahead

Cast: Kara, Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Kara and Gabe are facing each other. Gabe has a pair of Sony's Glasstron display on.}
Kara: You bought six-hundred dollar sunglasses?
Gabe: It's Sony's new Glasstron display! It's like having a 52-inch television where my brain should be. I am totally immersed in quality cinema!

Panel 2

{Kara holds up a DVD.}
Kara: "Horny Tit Vixens in Amateurville?"
Gabe: It's a documentary.

Panel 3

{Kara gets a skull and crossbones symbol above her. Tycho appears to the right.}
Gabe: It's a really respectful treatment of the subject.
Tycho: Give it up, man. I'll go make up the guest bed.

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