Savannah Heat

Cast: Brenna, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Brenna is stood in the background behind Tycho, who is in the foreground.}
Brenna: I saw what you were doing on the computer.

Panel 2

{Zoom in to Tycho's eye as he thinks about the harshness about to come.}
Tycho: {thought} What did she find? The giraffe video? Giraffes. Who couldn't appreciate those long necks? So slender.
Tycho: {thought} Why confront me? It's obvious.
Tycho: {thought} She is stalling until the police arrive.
Tycho: Nothing you saw was illegal - in the countries it was filmed.

Panel 3

{Brenna and Tycho are stood facing each other.}
Brenna: I was talking about the mushy poetry.
Tycho: {nervously} Yes.
Brenna: {suspiciously} What were you talking about?
Tycho: The same thing.

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