Monkification Complete

Cast: Dan Rather, Mr. Tails, Blue

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Dan Rather is presenting the news with Mr. Tails sat next to him.}
Dan: This is Dan Rather. Sooooo... Pretty slow news day. Not a peep out of Gadjookistan. To pick up the pace, we've got Mr. Tails here! He's got a B.A. in Nanas, folks.

Panel 2

{Mr. Tails starts biting Dan Rather's face.}
Dan: Damn you, monkey! Oh, damn you to hell!

Panel 3

{Meanwhile, deep within Blue's subterranean lair.}
Blue: Looniboi, put a hold on that monkey order. Squeeze out another mailbag or something.

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January 5, 2000
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