The Scion, Part Four

Cast: Annarchy, Gamer ("Brown"), Gamer ("Black"), Galahad

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Annarchy has her arms crossed as Black and Brown check out her "My Little Pony" case.}
Brown: Ponies? Please. You carry your Barbies around in there?
Annarchy: What I carry in this box is your utter subjugation.
Black: Well... You're stupid!
Galahad: Hey, guys... Cut it out.

Panel 2

{Annarchy and Galahad stand facing each other. Annarchy is shocked and blushing.}

Panel 3

{Annarchy smiles and grabs her left arm.}
Galahad: Listen, I think your casemod is pretty cool.
Annarchy: I like your case, too.
Galahad: I don't... have mine here.
Annarchy: I'm sure it would be really cool, though.

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