Payne Freeze

Cast: None

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A view of Bashin Robbins. Box at top.}
Box: The stench of chocolate and waffle cones hung in the air, like a man on the gallows.

Panel 2

{Scene change. A nurse with a syringe is seen behind a bunch of ice cream. Ice cream is glowing. Box at top and bottom.}
Box: I ordered a sundae from a girl in a too-white uniform. She was a nurse, her smile a heavy dose of hot, dark fudge.
Box: Two cherries stared back at me, like the eyes of a hand-dipped corpse.

Panel 3

{View of a guy with the ice cream in front of him. Box at top and bottom.}
Box: Like a thousand vanilla syringes, Hell froze over in my mind.
Box: I had an ice cream headache.

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July 27, 2001
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August 1, 2001

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