Magic: It's What's For Dinner

Cast: Scott McCloud

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Scott is holding a rainbow in both of his hands.}
Scott: When you live in a world of fantasy, anything is possible! Why explain yourself, when you can just use magic?

Panel 2

{Box at the top. Fairies flying away from a cave holding their own baskets.}
Box: Take online comics, for instance. Why couldn't a cloud of fairies - each with a tiny picnic basket containing a golden coin - just fly the money from the dragon's cave?

Panel 3

{Box at the top. A board is seen with Scott's hand holding chalk. 20,000 x a pot of honey - three wafers, with one of the wafers being eaten by a goat.}
Box: Now let's take a comic like Sandwich Shoppe - divide their forty thousand readers in half, and multiply that by sweet, bee-fresh honey. That's a hojillion dollars! Now, subtract three vanilla wafers to pay the Billy Goats Gruff, and you've got a hundred kabillion million dollars!

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June 20, 2001
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