Betty, Fetch My Pitchfork

Cast: Kelly Flock

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Kelly is at his desk with a cup saying "Sony Online" on it.}
Kelly: I know I'm forgetting something... I ordered pencils, pens... Coffee filters...

Panel 2

{Shows the checklist.}
New Pencils (ticked)
Ballpoint Pens (Berol Pens) (ticked)
Coffee Filters (For Brad) (ticked)
Paperclips (Small / Large) (ticked)
Rubber Bands (200 Pack) (ticked)
Fire Every Last Fucking Person who works Here (underlined)
Kelly: Oh, that's right!

Panel 3

{Kelly tries to drink his coffee but it spills.}
Kelly: MORE COFFEE IN HERE, BETTY! God damm stupid hooves!

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June 2, 2000
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June 7, 2000

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