Kung-Foo Rooster is a cartoon character that frequently appears on Toon Penny. Johnathan Gabriel was a fan of the show.

Theme Song Edit

♪Kung-Foo Rooster: If you call, he'll come for a poultry sum.♪
♪Kung-Foo Rooster: One cock who's ready to rock!♪
♪Kung-Foo Rooster: He's the dude who's Chinese food!♪
♪Kung-Foo Rooster: Always cares to be nice and good!♪

History Edit

Kung-Foo Rooster is the only chicken in the history of the universe that has a grasp of Kung-Fu - to wit, a hybrid of Southern Rooster style, Wuxia, and Wing Chun Kuen. Each episode had Kung-Foo Rooster do kung-fu to save the day, usually against another anthropomorphic animal martial artist. The show was eventually canceled due to a surprising amount of double-entendres that made it past censors, the most notable of which was in the theme song.

Filmography Edit

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