Kung Foo Roostaz is a Penny Arcade guild located in World of Warcraft.

Hierarchy Edit

  • Guild Leader: Hazeleyes.
  • Officers: Inconsolable, Freewitch, Griip, Arnth, Boon, Brokbrok, Tandav, Meatheadone, Alkatraz, Harpalyce, Celyssa, Siderion.

Description Edit

Kung Foo Roostaz is a pvp focused guild, doing pvp'ing for its own sake of good clean fun. As a guild, they run World PvP as well as Battlegrounds. Ultimate goal is to create fear in the horde whenever they see their guild tag in pvp battles. They do not ourselves host endgame PvE raids. They strive to be bad-ass without being an ass.

See Also Edit

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