Joy, And Joy Unrelenting

Cast: Customer, Man

Transcript Edit



Panel 1

{A customer is conversing with a man who represents Sony's online store.}
Customer: Hey, I'd like to...
Man: Hold on a second.
Customer: What?
Man: Wait. Alright, what do you want?
Customer: Tekken 5, please.
Man: You want to buy it?
Customer: Yes.
Man: Are you ready to buy it now?
Customer: I am.
Man: You sure?

Panel 2

{Same as panel 1 but the Man is now holding a bucket.}
Customer: Pretty sure, yeah.
Man: You're going to have to pay for it?
Customer: Money.
Man: Put your money in this bucket.
Customer: uh... Okay.
Man: Now your money is in the bucket.
Customer: I see that.

Panel 3

{Same as panel 1.}
Man: Do you want me to take some out?
Customer: I think so.
Man: Okay, I'm taking some out.
Customer: Great.
Man: Alright, you bought it. It's yours.
Customer: Awesome.
Man: Do you want me to give it to you?
Customer: I would like that, yes.
Man: Okay. Don't move for a half an hour.

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