Cardboard and Steel, Part 1

Cast: Cardboard Tube Samurai, Dark CTS, Man, Guy

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{View of a tree with blossoming flowers. Comic done in black and white.}

Panel 2

{Scene change. CTS's and Dark CTS's silhouettes are stood, with weapons drawn, facing each other.}

Panel 3

{Scene change. Man is facing away from the audience towards Guy. Guy is looking at Man.}
Man: How long have they been like this?
Guy: Two days!
Man: Impossible!

Panel 4

{Panel pans in front of Guy.}
Man: That must be the Cardboard Tube Samurai!
Guy: Who? I've never heard that story.

Panel 5

{Man strikes Guy over the head.}
Guy: I'm sorry! Please don't hit me anymore!

Panel 6

{Zoom into Man. Man lowers his hand slightly. Guy off panel.}
Man: You're lucky to know me, friend. No one knows the story better!

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February 28, 2003
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March 5, 2003

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