It Starts With B

Cast: Pac-Man, Tycho, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A Pac-Man maze is seen. Pac-Man, the Ghosts, the Dots and the Power Pellets are zoomed in at different sections.}
Gabe: {voice-over} Pac-Man: You've got Pac-Man, a.k.a. Vivendi Universal.
Gabe: {voice-over} Ghosts: The Ghosts represent open-source programmers, and our delicious civil liberties.
Gabe: {voice-over} Dots: The Dots can be thought of as wholly owned subsidiaries.
Gabe: {voice-over} Power Pellets: The Power Pellets represent Lawyers, whose legal energy infuses Pac-Man - I mean Vivendi - with the power to consume the Ghosts, I mean the Programmers or Liberties, or whatever. Fuck it.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Tycho is washing the dishes. Gabe is in the foreground.}
Tycho: What about the fruit?
Gabe: It's fruit.

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March 1, 2002
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