Cast: Accountant, Jango Fett, Man

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Accountant is stood in front of the blackboard with his hand raised slightly.}
Accountant: Hi kids, I'm Billy's dad. Hi, Billy! I'm an accountant. That means I do magic... With numbers!
Blackboard: I'm a... Accountant

Panel 2

{Accountant has left. Jango Fett is stood in his place. Boba has his hand raised slightly.}
Jango: I'm Boba's father. I hunt men, and I can fly.
Blackboard: I'm a... BOUNTY HUNTER

Panel 3

{Jango has left. Man is stood in his place.}
Man: {unhappy} I'm Sean's dad... Yeah, um... I get my own cubicle, and I can put up whatever poster I want.
Blackboard: I'm a... Software Engineer

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