Devil's Bargain

Cast: Prophet, Knight

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Prophet and Knight are sat at the table. A candle is between them. Prophet's hand is raised slightly.}
Prophet: So you want out, huh? Out of Azeroth?
Knight: Yeah, I heard the server wipe was coming.
Prophet: Oh, it is. You ever seen one, son?
Knight: Have you?

Panel 2

{Zoom into Prophet's face, as he points upwards. Knight is off panel.}
Prophet: Boy, I was in Britannia when the first one hit. The ground cracks, and tentacles of fire will draw you into a hideous beaked maw. For two thousand Alliance gold, I can get you all the way to Norrath.
Knight: {off panel} Norrath. You mean, like Everquest?

Panel 3

{Zoom out. Prophet raises his hand slightly. Knight looks away.}
Prophet: Yes, you'd be safe there.
Knight: {reluctantly} I don't know.
Prophet: Tentacles of fire. Hideous beaked maw!
Knight: Yeah... Norrath, though.

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