He Has a Gun!

Cast: Thief, Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A thief is stood facing Gabe and Tycho. Tycho is holding an Xbox 360 box. Thief has a gun. Gabe is looking at the gun.}
Thief: Give me the 360 or I blow your brains out.
Tycho: Son of a bitch! We camped out all night for this!
Gabe: He's got a gun!

Panel 2

{Tycho starts to hand the Xbox 360 over.}
Tycho: I hope you realize that you're reinforcing negative gamer stereotypes by...
Thief: {interrupts} Hey, this is a fucking core system.
Gabe: He's got a gun!

Panel 3

{The thief shoots Tycho.}
Tycho: Yeah they were out of the-{BLAM!}
Gabe: He's got a gun!

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November 21, 2005
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