Frank Returns

Cast: Frank, Bobby, Robert, Bob

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Frank is walking towards the audience. Bobby, Robert and Bob are stood next to each other.}
Frank: I'm not going to lie to you sad-sack, sorry-assed sons of bitches: When you make an omelette, sometimes you've got to kill a few people.

Panel 2

{Frank stops walking, stands in front of Bob and points at him.}
Frank: Frankly, most of you aren't going to make it through this holiday season alive! Something funny, Private?
Bob: S-sir! Aren't we just selling videogames, sir?

Panel 3

{Frank turns around and raises his hand slightly, grasping his pen. Bobby is off panel. Bob and Robert are smiling nervously.}
Frank: There I was - pitch black, alone! It was the Devil's birthday in Cambodia, and I was bare-assed and hopped up on some jungle mushroom.

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