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Omegathon is a biannual tournament set in the Penny Arcade Expo. Twenty pre-registered combatants enter the ring and attempt to claim the title of Omegathon Champion and take home the grand prize.

Omegathon I Edit

The very first Omegathon occured at Penny Arcade Expo 2004, where the twenty combatants arrived to have an all-out brawl.

Contestant List Edit

  • Kevin Potter (Runner-up)
  • Sean Celaya (Winner of Omegathon I)

Game List Edit

  • Diceland.
  • Halo for the Xbox.
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for the Gamecube.
  • Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Doom for the PC.
  • PONG for the Atari.

Omegathon II Edit

The second Omegathon occured at Penny Arcade Expo 2005.Twenty Omeganauts participated.

Game List Edit

  • Diceland

4 tables of 4 people. Loser of each table went to final table. Two lowest scores at final table were eliminated.

  • Mariokart: Double Dash

1 8 Kart (16 person) race in Wario Stadium. 7th and 8th place karts eliminated.

  • Quake

Lowest 4 frag scores eliminated

  • Karaoke Revolution

One of four songs: Flashdance... What A Feeling, Careless Whisper, Beat it, or Someday. The competition takes place in a packed theater, before Saturday night's concert.

Four 1 on 1 sing offs... winners continued.

  • Katamari Damacy

Roll the biggest Katamari they can, and the two smallest Katamari drop.

  • Combat.

Best of 3 games.

Prize Edit

A complete collection of every NES game.

Omegathon III Edit

The third Omegathon occured at Penny Arcade Expo 2006

Game List Edit

  • Dice Land
  • Geometry Wars
  • Quake II
  • Guitar Hero
  • Mario Kart DS
  • Tetris

Prize Edit

A brand new 2006 Scion xB in Black Sand Pearl, featuring a game geek's dream package of a flipdown 15" widescreen monitor, Xbox 360 Premium System, 6-speaker sound system with CD/MP3 player, custom taillights and wheels with low-profile tires.

Omegathon IV Edit

The fourth Omegathon occurred at Penny Arcade Expo 2007.

Contestant List Edit

  • Ben Gray (Runner-up)
  • Ryan Zack (Winner of Omegathon IV)

Game List (incomplete) Edit

  • Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
  • Jenga (?)
  • Calling All Cars
  • Puzzle Fighter
  • Rock Band
  • Halo 3

Prize Edit

$5000 prize money and an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Tokyo Game Show in September, 2007.

Omegathon V Edit

The fifth Omegathon occurred at Penny Arcade Expo 2008.

Game List Edit

  • Peggle
  • Boom Blox
  • Geometry Wars
  • Rock Band 2
  • Jenga
  • Vs Excite Bike

Prize Edit

Expenses-paid trip to Tokyo Game Show

Omegathon VI Edit

The sixth Omegathon occurred at Penny Arcade Expo 2009.

Game List Edit

  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Bookworm Adventures
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • The Beatles: Rock Band
  • Connect Four
  • Skee Ball

Prize Edit

Expenses-paid trip to Tokyo Game Show

Omegathon VII Edit

The seventh Omegathon occurred at Penny Arcade Expo East 2010. Unlike previous Omegathons, this was a pairs competition. Omeganaughts were randomly selected at the end of the keynote address then were randomly paired. The teams stayed together throughout the contest.

Game List Edit

Prize Edit

All-expense paid trip to Leipzig.

Omegathon XEdit

The 10th Omegathon occured at Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2011. Omeganauts were randomly selected by phone call a month in advance.

Game ListEdit

Round 1, 20 to 16 - Double Dash on Gamecube.
Round 2, 16 to 12 – Bananagrams
Round 3, 12 to 8 - Lumines Live! on Xbox 360
Round 4, 8 to 4 - Dance Central 2, Xbox 360
Round 5, 4 to 2 - Portal 2 (Console)

Round 6, 2 to 1 - Zelda, Original NES


$5000 check and all-expense paid trip to Tokyo, Japan for Tokyo Game Show 2011.

Omegathon XIIEdit

The Omegathon of Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2012.

Game ListEdit

Round 1, 20 to 16 - Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, 4-Player Competitive King

  • Due to only 18 participants arriving at PAX, two Omeganauts recieved a bye round and two of the bottom four were eliminated in a losers bracket match.

Round 2, 16 to 12 - Kerplunk, 4-Player

  • For each match, the Omeganaut with the most dropped marbles after two games is eliminated.
  • The bottom two Omeganauts in the last scheduled match tied leading to a sudden death, first-marble-to-drop faceoff.

Round 3, 12 to 8 - Tony Hawk HD, Single Player Sessions

  • Three two-minute attempts on the Warehouse. Lowest score of the three gets dropped from the total. Four lowest total scores get eliminated.

Round 4, 8 to 4 - Dance Central 3, Team One-on-One Battles

  • Omeganauts split into two teams and paired off in one-on-one dance offs. Lowest cumulative team score eliminated the entire team.
  • Round was delayed due to technical issues with the lighting in the Paramount theater interfering with the Kinect sensor. Round was played later that night in the queue room.

Round 5, 4 to 2 - Team Giant Bananagrams

  • Velcro Bananagrams tiles were used on felt panels on the wall.
  • The team that claimed the completion of their puzzle first lost when the other team successfully challeged the word "boe".

Round 6, 2 to 1 - Trials Evolution, Custom RedLynx-created course "Rainslick Precipice"

  • Remaining Omeganauts, Valkyrion and BeyondCelery, took turns trying to complete the course given 5 faults. After each 10 minute period, the number of faults was increased.
  • On the first attempt at 15 faults, BeyondCelery completed the course, but Valkyrion was given the chance to best her time, which he was able to do by only a few seconds, clinching the title.


All expenses paid trip to Tokyo Games Show for two, $3000.

Omegathon XIII Edit

The Omegathon of Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2013.

Game List Edit

Round 1: Zombie Dice

Round 2: Battleblock Theater

Round 3: Geometry Wars 2

Round 4: Reverse Jenga

Round 5: Peggle 2

Final Round: Spy Party

Omegathon PaxAus 2013 Edit

The Omegathon of Penny Arcade Expo Aus 2013.

Teams of 4 were formed for the first day of competition(First 2 rounds).

Game List Edit

Round 1: Geometry Wars

Round 2: Win, Lose, Draw(Pictionary Style Game using only videogame references)

Round 3: Portal (Timed Speed Runs)

Round 4: Defense Grid

Final Round: Giant Jenga

  • Best of 3 Rounds - Final score: 2 to 1.
  • Champion: Desparis
  • Runner-up: Edgemaster


Omegathon XIV Edit

The Omegathon of Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2014.

Game List Edit

Round 1: Get Bit

  • 20 Omeganauts, including the Runner Up from Omegathon XIII: Lt. Hummus
  • Players were split into 4 groups of 5.
  • Change to default rules: After revealing the card played, flip it face down for the rest of the round (until you pick it up again).
  • The first player to become knocked out of the game is removed.

Round 2: Towerfall Ascension

  • 16 Omeganauts
  • Players were split into 4 groups of 4.
  • Change to default rules: Big Head Mode, Exploding Corpses.
  • Upon finishing the match (10 kills), the player with the least amount of kills was eliminated.
  • In two cases, ties for the least amount of kills were settled in 1v1 deathmatches.

Round 3: Super Avalanche 2

  • 12 Omeganauts
  • Players had 2 attempts to set their highest climb, unlimited time.
  • Bottom 4 scores were eliminated.

Round 4: JS Joust

  • 8 Omeganauts
  • 7 players played 8 rounds, each player taking a one round bye.
  • The first/second/third/fourth/fifth/sixth/seventh player to be eliminated received 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 points.
  • Bottom four scores were eliminated.

Round 5: Mario Kart: Double Dash

  • 4 Omeganauts
  • Players were paired up and put on networked GameCubes.
  • Random selection from all available tracks, and random characters/carts for each race.
  • First pair to 10 wins moves on to the final round.

Final Round: Pac-Man

  • 2 Omeganauts, Amlethus and doc
  • Players had one quarter to get a high score. Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins.
  • doc beats Amlethus' score in round one, and sets a score in round 2 that Amlethus is not able to beat.
  • Runner Up: Amlethus, will return for Omegathon XV at PAX Prime 2015.
  • Champion: doc

Prize Edit

An expenses-paid trip to Tokyo Game Show or a cash prize of equal value.

Omegathon PaxAus 2014 Edit

The Omegathon of Penny Arcade Expo Aus 2014.

Game list: Edit

Round 1: Ikaruga

  • 20 Omeganauts
  • First level in teams of two.
  • Bottom two teams in points are eliminated.

Round 2: Kerplunk

  • 16 Omeganauts

Round 3: Towerfall Ascension

  • 12 Omeganauts
  • Change to default rules: Big Head Mode, Exploding Corpses.

Round 4: Operation

  • 8 Omeganauts
  • Change to default rules: Pieces were wrapped in aluminium foil, 5 seconds added to time for each buzz.
  • 4 Omeganauts with the longest time to complete are eliminated.

Rond 5: Battleblock Theater

  • 4 Omeganauts
  • Best out of 3 in mode "Ball game"

Final Round: Combat on Atari 2600

  • Two Omeganauts
  • Best out of 5
  • Champion: Edgemaster
  • Runner-up: IsaKiko

Prize: Edit

Trip to any other PAX in the following year or AUD 3000.

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