Pennyvision is a special device that has the power to read into fictional character's minds over certain issues. It was utilized on both Johnathan Gabriel and Tycho Brahe in the comic "Looking Glass 4 Ever!"

Tycho's Thoughts Edit

When Pennyvision was used on Tycho, it showed a deep and meaningful show of his sub-concious. The man was placed at the gravestone of Looking Glass Studios as he wailed a cry as the full Moon watched over. The imagery was at night time and the rain poured down.

Gabe's Thoughts Edit

When Pennyvision was used on Gabe, the results were drastically different. Gabe did not seem to care about Looking Glass Studios and was more occupied over his double ice cream scoop and his very own walrus he had acquired. The daylight shone upon a park that he and his walrus were walking through on that day.

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