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September 2, 2005

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There Are Terrors Which Cannot Be Borne

Cast: Mr. Period, Comma, Question Mark

Transcript Edit

Mr. Period: {looking over} Ah, Pictochat.
Mr. Period: {angrily} Just because you're writing messages wirelessly on your Nintendo DS, doesn't mean I can't find you.
Mr. Period: {looking up} Sometimes I wonder what the fuck I'm even doing up here.
Mr. Period: {commenting on "ins"} If you were to get a dog, tape a pen to his paw, and tell him to write a letter it would look like this.
Mr. Period: {commenting on "Contest"} Where to begin? If Capital Letter saw this, he would kill himself. He would leap right off the margin and fall to his death.
Mr. Period: {motioning Comma to leave} Run along and play, Comma. These animals have never even heard of you.
Question Mark: Why would they even do this?
Mr. Period: That's easy, Question Mark. They're trying to kill us.
Mr. Period: {commenting on a penis} Congratulations on your penis man. Sir, you truly are this generation's Hemingway.

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