The I To The C To The O

Cast: Yorda, Ico, Shadow

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Yorda is stood on the ground. Ico is crouching on the ledge above, with his hand out.}
Ico: Am I talking to myself, here? You need to jump!
Yorda: {mythical language}
Ico: Yeah, okay, whatever. I don't speak "Crazy Bitch."

Panel 2

{Zoom into Ico.}
Ico: {irritated} No. Honey, no. don't play with the bird. Don't... Put it down!

Panel 3

{Ico stands up right and turns around, pointing to the shadow guy.}
Ico: Seriously, you guys can have her.
Shadow: Really? You don't mind?
Ico: Mind? Christ, I feel bad for you guys.

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September 26, 2001
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October 1, 2001

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